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Vol 8, No 14 (2017): Kaluza-Klein Bouncing Model & Primordial Cubic Lattice Nucleons

Kaluza-Klein Bouncing Cosmological Model; Bianchi Type-V Cosmological Model; Neutronium or Neutron? Primordial Cubic Lattice Nucleons; & Theoretical Physics between Adjacent Realities.

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Vol 8, No 13 (2017): Enumerative Algebraic Geometry & Other Progresses in TGD

Enumerative Algebraic Geometry in TGD; Riemann-Roch Theorem in TGD; Does Physics Emerge from the Notion of Number? What Does Cognitive Representability Really Mean? Quantum Measurement Theory in TGD; Could the Precursors of Perfectoids Emerge in TGD? On Fundamentals of Mathematics; From Amplituhedron to Associahedron; On Dark Nuclear Synthesis; & On Hierarchy of Planck Constants.

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Vol 8, No 12 (2017): Progress in Math. Physics: Inextensible Flows, Identities & Lanczos Tensor/Spinor/Scalar

Inextensible Flows of Curves with Ribbon Frame; Identities of Gould & Spivey; Superpotential for the Liénard-Wiechert’s E.M. Field; Superpotentials for the Lanczos Tensor/Spinor; Series Transformation Formula of Boyadzhiev; Lima’s Identity for ζ(2n); Paule-Schneider’s Identities for Harmonic Numbers; Lanczos Generator for Type-D Vacuum Spacetimes; Churchill-Plebañski & Petrov Classifications for Spacetimes; Complex Lanczos Scalar; Identity Involving Bell & Stirling Numbers; & Identities of Chang-Xu & Spivey.

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Vol 8, No 11 (2017): Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Nonlocality, Quantum Information & Their Implications

This is a Focus Issue featuring Michele Caponigro’s work: Two Realities: Quantum Entanglment versus Non-Locality; Quantum Mechanics: Philosophy & Interpretations; Observer as Consciousness (?): QM & von Neumann Chain; Epistemological Overview of Quantum Non-Locality; Philosophy of Quantum Entanglement; Quantum Information: A New Ontology? Entanglement & MWI of Quantum Mechanics; Quantum Entanglement & Time; & Quantum Entanglement & the Implicate Order.

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Vol 8, No 10 (2017): Explorations on Quantum Formulism, Broken Scale Invariance & Cubic Lattice Nuclear Model

Epistemological Considerations of Quantum Formulism; Anisotropic Stiff Fluid Model with Incident Magnetic field; Holographic Dark Energy Model with Generalized Chaplygin Gas; Plane Symmetric Inhomogeneous Model with E.M. Field; Murphy’s Combinatorial Identity; Some Identities for the Laguerre Polynomials; Nuclear Binding Energy Connected with Strong Interaction; 44 Admissible Questions of Quantum Mechanics; Poincare Group & the Philosophy of Nagarjuna in QM; A Second Order Effect; Standard Model from Broken Scale Invariance; Newton's Corpuscular Theory of Light; & Cubic Lattice Bonding of Graphene, Benzene & Ozone.

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Vol 8, No 9 (2017): Higgs Field, Spacetime Flow & Nucleosynthesis in the Nascent Cosmos

Ehrenfest-Tolman Effect & Spacetime Flow; Higgs Field & Unruh Effect; Bianchi Type-VI0 Universe with the Hybrid Expansion Law; Bianchi Type-VI0 Universe with Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy; Kaluza-Klien Generalized Ghost Dark Energy Model; Cosmological Model with Varying G & Λ; Accelerating Universe Model with Varying Λ; A-Net Minimal Surfaces in 3D Heisenberg Group; Harmonic, Stirling & Bernoulli Numbers; Amdeberhan’s Combinatorial Identity; Almkvist & Prodinger Formulae; Diffusion Interpretation of Wave Mechanics; Newtonian Cosmology Model with Vortex; Cubic Lattice Nucleosynthesis in the Nascent Cosmos; & Derivations of Maxwell-Dirac Isomorphism.

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Vol 8, No 8 (2017): Reduction of TGD to Octonionic Algebraic Geometry & Other Progress in TGD

M8-H Duality Reduction of TGD to Octonionic Geometry (Part I); M8-H Duality Reduction of TGD to Octonionic Geometry (Part II); Tools for Handling the Complexity of TGD; Categorification of TGD with Higher Structures; Generalization of Riemann Zeta to Adelic Physics; Encounter with the Puzzle of Inert Neutrinos Once Again; Quantum Superposition of Classical Gravitational Fields; Generalization of McKay Correspondence TGD; Retrocausality & TGD; & TGD View about Universal Galactic Rotation Curve.

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Vol 8, No 7 (2017): Redshift, Planck Action & Spacetime Change with Cosmic Age

Bianchi Type VIII Model with Quadratic Equation; Ghost Pilgrim Dark Energy with Sign-Changeable Interaction; Conharmonically Flat Space with Deceleration Parameter; Bianchi Type-V Model in the f(R,T) Theory; Bianchi Type-VI0 Model for Stiff Perfect Fluid; Bianchi Type-VI0 Model with Barotropic Perfect Fluid; Transversal Intersection Curve of the Special Surfaces; Bisector Surface in Minkowski Space; Inextensible Flows of a Ruled Surface; Simplified Form of the Semi-empirical Mass Formula; & Redshift, Planck Action & Spacetime Change with Cosmic Age.

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Vol 8, No 6 (2017): Progress in TGD, Anomalous Effects in 2D Nanocrystal & Nuclear Quantum Gravity

Breaking of CP, P, & T in TGD Universe; M107 Hadron to M89 Hadron Physics; Parity Violation in Hadron Physics; Synchronous Particle Sequences; Anomalous Effects in 2D; Foundations of Newton's Law of Cooling; Role of Complexity Theory in TGD; Quantum Computations in TGD; Some Unclear Issues in TGD; & Basics of Nuclear Quantum Gravity.

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Vol 8, No 5 (2017): Multifractal Analysis, Ether as Physicists’ God & Unobservable Observer

Dynamics of Effective Field Theories; Embedding of Rn into En+1; Gauss-Codazzi Equations; Bianchi Type-V model; f(R) Theory of Gravitation; Andersson-Edgar’s Potential; Cosmological Model with Lambda; Geometries Embedded into E8; Stirling Numbers of the Second Kind; Sondow’s Formula for π; Discrete Mellin Convolution; Aether: The God of Physicists (I-IV); Weight of the World; Remark on the Uncertainty Principle; Planck Formula for Massive Photons; & Cellular Automaton Universe.

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Vol 8, No 4 (2017): Bianchi Type Cosmological Models, Harmonic Numbers & Solar Topology

Generator of the Lanczos Spinor; Bianchi Type-VI0 Model; Bianchi Type-I Model; Bianchi Type-V model; Bianchi Type-II Model; Ghost Pilgrim Dark Energy Model; Bianchi Type-I Model; Harmonic Numbers; Cloitre Formula Involving Harmonic Number; Fejer & Dirichlet Kernels; Dark Matter & a Pion Phase Transition; & Solar Spacetime Topology.

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Vol 8, No 3 (2017): Twistor Lift of TGD & Other Progress in TGD

Further Study of Twistor Lift of TGD (Part I); Further Study of Twistor Lift of TGD (Part II); Two Different Lifetimes for Neutron; Synchronization of Clocks; p-Adicization & Adelic Physics; The Anomalies of Water & Existence of Dark Matter; 2nd Generation of Weak Bosons & Proton Charge Radius; & TGD View on the Halo Model of Galactic Dark.

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Vol 8, No 2 (2017): Gravitational Models, Bernoulli Numbers, Universe as a Guitar & Spacetime Topology

Quark Matter Cosmology; Complex Weyl Tensor; Bulk Viscous Cosmological Model; Anisotropic String in Gravitation; Ricci Dark Energy Model; Bianchi Type-I Model; 4-dimensional Tensor Identities; Domain Wall Cosmological Model; Differentiability of Riemann Function; Kellner’s Formula for Bernoulli Numbers; Identities for Faulhaber-Bernoulli Numbers; Variational Principle for py''+qy'+ry=ϕ; Worpitzky-Saalschütz Identities; Harmonic Numbers of Stirling Numbers; Special Timelike Curves; Model of the Universe as a Guitar; Generalised Maxwell's Equations; & Hidden Variables & Spacetime Topology.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2017): Kahler Action, Various Cosmological Models & Precession of Mercury’s Orbit

Extremals of Kahler Action; Lanczos Spintensor; Holographic Dark Energy Model; Bianchi Type-III Model; Embedding of R4 into E5; Two-Fluid Model; Model with Anisotropic Dark Energy; Magnetized Quark Attached to String; Scale Covariant Theory of Gravitation; Domain Wall Cosmological Model; Laguerre Associated Polynomials; Harmonic Numbers; Fejér-Lanczos Factors; Song’s Identity for ζ(2n); Laplace-Chebyshev-Hermite Polynomials; Emergent Gravity; Quantum View of Mercury’s Orbit; Light Speed Barrier; Occam's Razor; Hydrinos; & Relations Connected with Planck Scale.

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Vol 7, No 16 (2016): BMS Supertranslation, Information, Multifractal Geometry & Fabric of Space

BMS Supertranslations as Coset States; R4 of Class One; Potential for the Lanczos Spinor; Bianchi Type-V Viscous Fluid Cosmology; Dynamical Instability of Kantowski-Sachs Spacetime; Bianchi Type-V Cosmological Model with Two Fluids; Perfect Fluid Cosmological Model; Domain Wall Cosmological Model; Perfect Fluid Bianchi Type-I Universe; Hyper-surface Cosmological Model; Spacetime with a Constant Spinor Field; Generalization of the Bonnet Theorem; Exponential Operators; Inextensible Flows for Curves of Finsler Manifold; Information & Nature; Multifractal Geometry & Standard Model Symmetries; & Avyakta: The Fabric of Space.

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Vol 7, No 15 (2016): Bradyon–Tachyon, Holographic Models, Spatial Curves & Multifractal Geometry

Bradyon–Tachyon Barrier; Spin Coefficients; Non-Static Plane Symmetric Model; Kantowski-Sachs Model; Holographic Ricci Dark Energy Model; Holographic Dark Energy Model; Bulk Viscous Fluid with String; New Study of Cosmological Model; S.B. Edgar Identity in 4 Dimensions; Two-Fluid Dark Energy Model; Formula for 3F2(-2n, a, λ+2; 2a+2, λ; 2); Time-like Bertrand B-Pair Curve; Space-like Curves in the Null Cone; Killing Magnetic Curve; Hypergeometric Formula for Orthogonal Polynomials; Geometry of Surfaces in Spatial Motions; Multifractal Geometry & Stochastic Quantization; & Product State of Massive Particle-Antiparticle Pair.

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Vol 7, No 14 (2016): Various New Progresses in TGD-based Models & Proposals

Induced Spinor Fields & TGD Counterpart for Higgs; On the New Discovery of Galactic Dark Matter; Mean of Quantum Fluctuations in TGD Framework; ER = EPR & TGD Framework; General Relativity & Gravitational Radiation; New Findings about High-temperature Superconductors; Toponium at 30.4 GeV or Statistical Fluctuation? EM Drive in TGD Universe; Hierarchy of Planck Constants & Twistor Lift of TGD; Boolean Algebras, Stone Spaces & TGD; & Pollack Effect & Self-loading Battery.

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Vol 7, No 13 (2016): Entanglement, Gravity, Dark Energy & Cosmological Models

Entanglement & Gravity; Derivation of the Fine Structure Constant; Bianchi Type V Scalar Field Cosmology; Lanczos Spinor for Empty Spacetime; 5-D Spherically Symmetrical Model; LRS Bianchi Type-II Universe; 5-D FRW Modified Holographic Model; Homogeneous Bianchi Type VI0 Model; Bianchi Type III Universe with Scalar Field; Linear Differential Equation; Ignorable Variables; Acceleration Zones in MOND Theory; Saha’s Generating Function; Geometry of Dark Energy; Origins of the Dirac Equation; Quantized Deflection of Starlight; Twistor Space & Aether.

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Vol 7, No 12 (2016): Mass Calculation, Various GR Models, Quaternionic Curve & Variation of Constant

Calculation of Particle Mass; Scalar Field & Magnetism in Modified GR; Scalar Field Model in Modified GR; String Model in Modified GR; Time-dependent Lambda; Kaluza-Klein Univ. with Quark Matter; Inhomogeneous Bianchi Type I Model; Guo-Qi Formula; Expressions for ζ(k), k = 2, 3, 4; Solution of p y’’ + q y’+ r y = Φ; Characterization of Quaternionic Curves; Magnetism & Electron Mass; Cosmic Variation of the Fine Structure Constant; & Unmatter as Plausible Dark Matter Candidate.

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Vol 7, No 11 (2016): Langlands Program, Mathematical Objects, Mesostratum Physics & Cosmological Models

Langlands Program & TGD; Mathematical Objects & Mesostratum Physics; Local Pressure of the Gravity Field; Bianchi Type-II Dust Cosmological Model; 5-D Anisotropic Bianchi Type-I; Higher Dimensional Plane Symmetric Space-Time; Superluminal Expansion & Rotation in Quantum Cosmology; Plane Symmetric Universe Filled with Perfect Fluid; Double Integrals & Riemann Zeta; Matrix Elements & Morse Interaction; Hypergeometric Form of k-Fibonacci; Alfvén Waves in Monopole Plasma; On CKM Mixing; Towards Grand Unification; Gravitational Waves & Reality; Astrophysical & Cosmological Findings; M89 Hadron Physics & Quantum Criticality; & Lightning, Dark Matter & Lepto-pion Hypothesis.

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Vol 7, No 10 (2016): Cosmological Models, Squeezed States & SU(2) Electrodynamics

Polarized Spatial Soliton in a Chiral Optical Fiber; AB Effect with a Chiral Gauge Transformation; Anisotropic Holographic Ricci Dark Energy Model; String Cosmological Universes Containing Dark Energy; Bianchi Type-III Wet Dark Fluid Cosmological Model; Freedom Count in Terms of Lagrangian Parameters; Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe Formula for π; Biharmonic Curves in Isotropic Space I₃¹; BMS & Squeezed States; SU(2) Electrodynamics Based on a Revised QED; & Planck Scale Hubble Parameter in Cosmology.

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Vol 7, No 9 (2016): Newman-Penrose Formalism, Cosmological Models, TGD-based Theories & Trends in the Mandelbrot Set

Applications of the Newman-Penrose Formalism; Kinnersley’s Metrics; Bianchi type-VI0 Holographic Dark Energy Cosmological Model; Kaluza-Klein Minimally Interacting Holographic Dark Energy Model; Degenerate Hermite-Bernoulli Numbers; Formula to Determine the Physical Degree of Freedom Count; Badly Behaving Photons; Is There Trouble in Paradise? Charting Trends in the Mandelbrot Set; Support for TGD-based Model of Cold Fusion; p-Adicizable Discrete Variants of Classical Lie Groups; X Boson as Evidence for Nuclear String Model; Understand the Total Energy of Electron in K Shell; & On Direct Detection of Cosmic Neutrino Background.

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Vol 7, No 8 (2016): State-Dependent Gauge Field, New Properties of Dirac Equation & Exploration of E.M. Field

Quantum State Dependent Gauge Fields; Dirac Void & Pauli Exclusion Principle; Non-local Constitutive Relations; Aharonov–Bohm Effect under E.M. Self-duality; Vacuum Energy Λ(t) in Creation Field Theory; Five-Dimensional Bianchi Type-I Model; Petrov Types & Canonical Null Tetrads; Marder's Dark Energy Model; Cartan-Debever-Penrose Principal Directions; Recursive Formulation of Tau Method; Intrinsic Geometry of the NLS Equation; Laplace Transform & the Error Function; Variation of Parameters Method; GR as Multifractal Analogue of SM; Preponderance of Matter over Antimatter; Dirac Wavefunction as a 4 × 4 Component Function; & Estimating the Stability Range of Atomic Nuclides.

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Vol 7, No 7 (2016): More Progress in TGD-based Views & Proposals

Twistorial Lift of Kahler Action; Is N = 2 Super-Conformal Algebra Relevant to TGD? Why Mersenne Primes Are So Special? TGD View on Holography & Quantum Error Correction; Cyclic Cosmology from TGD Perspective; & Is Cold Fusion Becoming a New Technology?

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Vol 7, No 6 (2016): Lorentz-invariant Gravitation Theory

This is a focus issue featuring Alexander G. Kyriakos' work: Statement of problem; Origin of gravitation mass; the axiomatics of LIGT and its consequences; Electromagnetic base of relativistic mechanics; Connection of electromagnetic theory and gravitation; Electromagneticly-like solutions of the GR; The mathematical apparatus of LIGT; Geometry and physic of LIGT and GTR; Lorentz transformations and metric tensor of LIGT; The solution of non-cosmological problems; Solution of the Kepler problem; Cosmological solutions.

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