Vol 11, No 3 (2020)

Self-Organized Criticality, FTL in Prespacetime, & Detection of Graviton

Cover Page
Derivation of the Muon g-2 Anomaly; Solving the Flatness & Horizon Problems; Manifestation of Self-Organized Criticality; Emergence of Lagrangian Field Theory; Faster-Than-Light Anomalies in Prespacetime; Linear Codes over the Family of Finite Rings; Detecting Gravitons on Black Hole Coalesence; Painting, Baking & Non-Associative Algebra; Is Gravity Curvature of Space-time? θ-parameter in Quantum Chromodynamics; Gross-Pitaevskiian Description of Solar System; Impossibility of Big Bang Relic Neutrino Detection; & Unidirectional Beams.

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