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Vol 12, No 3 (2021): Experimental Supersymmetry, Two-sidedness, Cosmological Model, & Intrinsic Time

Experimental Supersymmetry: Processing the Dimensional Barrier; Two-sidedness, Relativity and CPT Symmetry; Self-Creation Theory of Gravitation; Magnetism in f(R, T) Gravity; Cosmic Acceleration in Teleparallel Gravity; Intrinsic Time of Alain Connes; Hyperdimensional Pilot Waves; & Widening Elliptical Path of Earth Orbiting Sun?

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Vol 12, No 2 (2021): Various Physics Topics in TGD Viewpoint

Connes' Idea about Inherent Time Evolution; Two Unexpected Findings in Hadron Physics; Leptons as Local 3-Quark Composites? On the Notion of Causal Indefiniteness; Pomeron and Odderon; Negentropy Maximization Principle; Anomalies of Rotating Magnetic Systems; M8 -H Duality Consistent with Fourier Analysis; Generalizations of Nottale's Hypothesis; & Updated Expanding Earth Mode.

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Vol 12, No 1 (2021): Microgravimetry, Bifurcation Model, Dark Energy Model, & Constacyclic Codes

Interferometric Effects for Microgravimetry; Cabibbo Angle from the Nonlinear Dynamics; Mass Hierarchy and Mixing Matrices; Bifurcation Model of the Quantum Field; Higgs Mass from Topological Condensation; Evaluation of Vacuum Energy Density; Bianchi type VI0 Dark Energy Model; Quadratic Equation of State in f (R, T) Theory; Bianchi Type I Cosmological Model; Constacyclic Codes, & Transversal Intersection of Surface.

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Vol 11, No 8 (2020): Summary & New Applications of Topological Geometrodynamics

Summary of Topological Geometrodynamics; Critical Re-examination of M8 –H Duality; Ballistic Resonance & ZEO; Fast Radio Wave Bursts; Maintenance of the Earth's Magnetic Field; 26 Second Pulsation of Earth; MIP*= RE; Valence Bond Theory & Planck Constants; & Three Pillars of New Quantum Theory.

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Vol 11, No 7 (2020): Universal Bifurcations, Measurement Problem, Cosmological Model, & Special Tubular Surface

CMB Anomalies & Self-Organized Criticality; Fermion Chirality & Universal Bifurcations; Quantum Measurement Problem; Modified Holographic Ricci Dark Energy; f(T) Gravity by Hybrid Expansion Law; Bianchi Type-VI0 Cosmological Model; Special Tubular Surfaces in Galilean Space; & Complex Dynamics & Relativistic Spacetime.

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Vol 11, No 6 (2020): Undecidability of States, Quantum Potential, Self-Similarity, & Self-Creation

Undecidability of States and Epistemic Horizons; Quantum Potential, Bell Length & Avian Compass; Fractal Foundation of Quantum Spin; Quantum Mechanics from Iterated Maps; Foundation of Effective Field Theory; Universal Constants from Self-similarity; Adiabatic Invariance & Newton’s Constant; Holographic Ricci Dark Energy in Self-Creation; & Dark Matter & Tessellated 3-Sphere.

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Vol 11, No 5 (2020): Recent Developments in Physics from the Perspective of TGD & ZEO

TGD & Value of Newton's Constant; Water Bridge Experiment & TGD; ZEO & Quantization of Fermions; TGD Based Nuclear Model; TGD-based View about Ferromagnetism; Hubble Constant Discrepancy; Rotating Magnetic Systems in ZEO; M8-H-duality, p-adic Length Scale & Dark Matter; & Fermionic Variant of M8-H Duality.

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Vol 11, No 4 (2020): Bimetric Convergence, Mandelbrot Butterfly, & Quantum Coherence

Bimetric Convergence; Mandelbrot Butterfly Identification; Complex Dynamics & Relativistic Spacetime; Emergence of Lie Groups & Gauge Symmetries; Stability of the Fermi Scale; Emergence of Planck’s Constant; Bianchi Type-III Cosmological Model; Confluence of Theories; Unit Cell of Quantum Gravity; Numerical solution for 3D motions; A Skewed Relativity; & Quantum Coherence & Telepathic Fields.

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Vol 11, No 3 (2020): Self-Organized Criticality, FTL in Prespacetime, & Detection of Graviton

Derivation of the Muon g-2 Anomaly; Solving the Flatness & Horizon Problems; Manifestation of Self-Organized Criticality; Emergence of Lagrangian Field Theory; Faster-Than-Light Anomalies in Prespacetime; Linear Codes over the Family of Finite Rings; Detecting Gravitons on Black Hole Coalesence; Painting, Baking & Non-Associative Algebra; Is Gravity Curvature of Space-time? θ-parameter in Quantum Chromodynamics; Gross-Pitaevskiian Description of Solar System; Impossibility of Big Bang Relic Neutrino Detection; & Unidirectional Beams.

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Vol 11, No 2 (2020): More Progress in Topological Geometrodynamics

Cognitive Representations for String-like Objects; Model for the Formation of Galaxies; Quantum Measurement in ZEO; Miniature Version of Spiral Galaxy; Two Anomalies Explained by Dark Fusion; Dynamics of State Function Reductions; Condensed Matter Surprises; EMC Effect; Dark Energy & Galactic Dark Matter; Monopole Flux Tube; Quantum Randomness & Classical Chaos; Exotic Pion Like States; & Solutions to Energy Problem.

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Vol 11, No 1 (2020): Anyon Physics, Topology of Dark Matter & Fractional Field Theory

Anyon Physics & the Topology of Dark Matter; Bypassing the Axion Paradigm; Kaluza-Klein Cosmological Model; Information to Schrodinger Based Life Processes; Fractional Spacetime & Emergence of the Dark Sector; Baryon Asymmetry from the Minimal Fractal Manifold; Possibility of Binary Companion of the Sun; From Chaos & Strange Attractors to Quantum Theory; & The Perils of Post-Empirical Science & Their Resolution.

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Vol 10, No 8 (2019): Submicroscopic Physics, Fractal Geometry, Quantum Information, & Formation of Galaxies

Representation of Submicroscopic Physics; Fractal Geometry of Quantum Paths; Minimal Fractal Manifold; Cosmic String Model; Dynamics in Relativity to Quantum Theory; Anisotropic Bianchi V Bulk Viscous Fluid Model; Dark Energy Model in Five-Dimension; Reverse Quantum Mechanics; Is Gravity a Fundamental Force? Mass Induction by a Black Hole; Cosmology in Crisis; Dual Nature of Dark Matter; Earthquake as Macroscopic Quantum Jump; Electric Universe Hypothesis & TGD; & Are Fundamental Entities Discrete or Continuous?

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Vol 10, No 7 (2019): Non-Abelian Field of Electron, Quark Memory, & Twistors in TGD

Non-Abelian Field Current of Self-interacting Electron; Do Quarks Have Memory? Twistors in TGD; Why Ramified Primes Are Special Physically; Bianchi Type –VIo String Model in Massive Scalar Field; Modified Takabayasi String with Bulk Viscous Fluid; Cyclic Surfaces of Constant Gauss Curvature; Change of Willmore Energy of a Curve; Exo/Endo Observer Spacetime Dimensions from Kolmogorov Entropy; Newtonian Dynamics with Variable Mass; SUSY in TGD Universe; Quantum Self-organization; Solar Metallicity Problem; & Conflict of Quantum Theory & Classical Gravity.

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Vol 10, No 6 (2019): Primordial Space-time Metric, Holographic Principle, & Quantum Gravity

A Primordial Space-time Metric; Holographic Principle of Quantum Gravity; New Aspects of M8-H Duality; Bianchi Type-I Models in f(R, T) Gravity Theory; Cyclic DNA Codes Over the Ring Z8 + uZ8; Is Gravity a Fundamental Force? ZEO Based Quantum Measurement Theory; Revision of the Friedmann Cosmology; Accelerating Universe, Dark Energy & the Alpha Variation; One-Note-Samba Approach to Cosmology; Massive Gravity in the Mandelbrot Set; & TGD View on McKay Correspondence.

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Vol 10, No 5 (2019): Gravitation, Sum-of-Squares Relationship, Cosmological Model, & Monopolar Electron

Gravity Represented in the Mandelbrot Set; Derivation of the Sum-of-Squares Relationship; Sphere with String Monopole & Cosmological Constant; Cosmological Model with Global Equation of State; Simple Harmonic Oscillator in k-MOND; Kantowski-Sachs New Holographic Dark Energy Model; Proof of the Existence of Gravitational Torsion; AdS/CFT in the Mandelbrot Set; Comments on a Concept in General Relativity; & Monopolar Quantum Relativistic Electron.

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Vol 10, No 4 (2019): Link Between Pure Math & Physics, Shnoll Effect, Solar Surprise, & Monopolar Electron

Scattering Amplitudes & Orbits of Cognitive Representations; Shnoll Effect Decade Later; Link Between Pure Math & Physics; Heavy Element Surprise; Monopolar Quantum Relativistic Electron; Solar Surprise; Fluctuations of Newton's Constant & TGD; & Twistor Llift of TGD & WCW Geometry.

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Vol 10, No 3 (2019): Computation in Nature, Mandelbrot Cosmology, & Monopolar Electron

Spatially Homogeneous Bianchi Type I Mesonic Model; FRW-type Kaluza-Klein Inflationary Model; Bianchi Type III String Cosmological Model; Reconciliation with Standard Model; Origin of Time in Mandelbrot Cosmology; Stirling Numbers; SUSY after LHC; Monopolar Quantum Relativistic Electron; Minimal Surfaces; Anomalies of Hadron Physics; Quantum Scarring; & Cantor Dust Composition of Dark Matter.

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Vol 10, No 2 (2019): Field Configuration, Skew Codes, Mandelbrot Set & Cosmology

TGD Counterparts of Classical Field Configuration; Friedmann Cosmology with Decaying Λ; String Cosmology with Bulk Viscosity; Codes Over the Ring; Stirling Numbers; Gravitation, Entropy & the Mandelbrot Set; Construction of Scattering Amplitudes in TGD; Squared Neutron Number & Nuclear Binding Energy; Big Science & “Deep Science”; Inspiration of Tesla; & Cracking Causality.

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Vol 10, No 1 (2019): Dimensional Reduction, Quantum Motion, Memory of Nature & Nature of Reality

Dimensional Reduction, Duality & Condensation Gravity; Self-interacting Electron as Gauge Field; Memory of Nature; Cosmological Constant; Two fluid Axially Symmetric Cosmological Model; Inflationary Scenario in Bianchi Type-V Spacetime; Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy; Potentials for the Lanczos Spintensor; Neutrino Mass Matrix; Identities of Chen-Choi; EPR in Quantum Mechanics; Prespacetime & Samapatti; Schrodinger & Creation; Electron Model; & TGD View about Quasars.

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Vol 9, No 10 (2018): A Process Approach on Spacetime & Quantum Mechanics, & Evolution of Coupling Constant

Space, Time & Quantum Mechanics: A Process Approach; TGD View About Coupling Constant Evolution; TGD-Based Explanation of New Neutrino Anomalies; More About Quark Gluon Plasma & M89 Physics; Plausible Approach to Unify Gravitation & Electromagnetism; Roles of Dark Protons & Electrons in Dielectric Breakdown? Hierarchy of Planck Constants & Variation of Newton's Constant, & Analogs of CKM Mixing & Neutrino Oscillations.

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Vol 9, No 9 (2018): String-like Object, Fractional Derivative, Physical Reality, & Emergent World

String-like Objects as Dark Matter; Some Equations in Newman-Penrose Formalism; Kantowski-Sachs Universe with Anisotropic Dark Energy; Some Forms of Maxwell Equations; Riemannian Geometry & Fractional Derivative; Physical Reality & Topological Geometrodynamics; & Emergence of Properties.

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Vol 9, No 8 (2018): The Nonlinear Quantum Field Theory

Focus Issue Featuring the Work of Alexander G. Kyriakos.

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Vol 9, No 7 (2018): Quantum Relativity, Dynamical Spacetime, & Zero Energy Ontology

Quantum Relativity & Dynamical Spacetime; Cosmology Based on Zero Energy Ontology; Five-Dimensional Inflationary Universe; Stirling Numbers, & Bell Polynomials; High Tc Superconductivity, & Classical Field Equation; Derivation of Fluidic Maxwell-Proca Equations; Expanding Earth Hypothesis; Formula for Gravitational Planck Constant; Cosmic Acceleration with Evolving Dark Matter; Possible Existence of Strong Elementary Charge; & Comment on Gravitional Waves.

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Vol 9, No 6 (2018): Multi-Horizon, Space-like Curve, & E8 via Cellular Automata

Cosmological Models in Lyra Geometry; Bianchi Type-I Brans-Dicke Universe; Binary Systems in Multi-Horizon Universe; Real Scalar Wave Functions; Identity of Wilf & Euler-Mascheroni’s Constant; Spacelike Curve via the Type-2 Bishop Frame; & E8 Physics from CI(8) via Cellular Automata Bits.

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Vol 9, No 5 (2018): Lorentz Symmetry, Multifractal Scaling & Quantum Criticality

Lorentz Symmetry from Multifractal Scaling; New Insights about Quantum Criticality; Bianchi Type-II Universe with Massive String; Stirling Numbers & Sums of Powers of Integers; Characterizations of the Space-like Curves; Bell Polynomials; Maxwell's Lever Rule & Expansion of Freezing Water; CBM Cold Spot & Inflationary Cosmology; On Maxwell-Dirac Isomorphism; & TGD Based View about Star Formation.

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