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Vol 15, No 1 (2024): Quantum Information, Dimensional Condensate, Quantum Gravitation, & Primordial Cosmology

Quantum Information & Spacetime; Supersymmetry–Anyon Correlation; Plane Symmetric Cosmological Model; Cyclic Codes over Z4; Dark Matter as Dimensional Condensate; Quantum Gravitation in the Unified Field; Age of the Universe & Primordial Cosmology; & Birational Map, Cognitive Structures, & Anomalies of Water.

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Vol 14, No 8 (2023): Number Theoretical View, Platonization, Cosmic Neutrinos & Gravitational Hum from TGD Viewpoint

New Findings Related to the Number Theoretical View; Platonization of Nuclear String Model & Atom Models; Revolution in Lithium-Sulfur Battery Technology; Mapping the Universe Using Cosmic Neutrinos; Double Slit Experiment in Time Domain; Gravitational Hum as Gravitational Diffraction; & Computer with a Variable Arrow of Time.

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Vol 14, No 7 (2023): Standard Model, Causal Diamonds, Magnetic Bubbles & Color Confinement from TGD Viewpoint

Reduction of Standard Model Structure to CP2 Geometry; New Results on Causal Diamonds; Kondo Effect from the TGD perspective; Some Anomalies Associated with the Sun; Magnetic Bubbles in TGD Universe; & Family Replication Phenomenon & Color Confinement.

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Vol 14, No 6 (2023): Cosmological Models, Dimensional Reduction, Hamiltonian Chaos, & Nonequilibrium Dynamics

LRS Bianchi Type-I Cosmological Model; Cosmological Power Law Model; Role of Inhomogeneous Equation of State; Dark Energy Cosmological Model; Dimensional Reduction & Cosmological Anomalies; Hamiltonian Chaos & the Fractal Topology of Spacetime; Non-Equilibrium Dynamics & General Relativity; & Non-Equilibrium Dynamics & High Energy Physics.

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Vol 14, No 5 (2023): Biconformal Gravity, Cosmological Models, DNA Codes, & Mandelbrot Butterfly Universe

Fuzzy Dark Matter; Understanding Λ in Biconformal Gravity; Critical Behavior in Early-Universe; Cloud String in f(T) Gravity Anisotropic Dark Energy; Variable Deceleration; Darboux Vector-based Equation; DNA Code Constructions; F-Rectifying Quaternionic Curves; Asymptotic Chaotic Dynamics; & Universe accoridng to Mandelbrot Butterfly.

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Vol 14, No 4 (2023): Mass of Twistors, Galaxy Formation & Godel's Undecidability in TGD Framework

New Ideas in Langlands Program; TGD View of Dark Matter; Intersection Form for 4-Manifolds; Anomalies in Standard Model of Galaxy Formation; Physical Interpretation of Riemann Zeta; Godel's Undecidability Theorem; TGD Based Notions of Mass of Twistors; & AdS/CFT &TGD Based Holographic Dualities.

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Vol 14, No 3 (2023): Challenges of the Higgs Sector, Explanation of the Passage of Time, Cosmological Model, & the Math of Curves

Field Bifurcations & the Challenges of the Higgs Sector; Explanation of Time & Our View of Life; Gravitational Dynamics from the Kolmogorov Entropy; Several Cosmological Models in General Relativity; Several Mathematical Treatments of Curves; & Gauge-Gravity Duality in Fractal Dimensions.

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Vol 14, No 2 (2023): Biological Teleportation, Quasi-Time Crystal & Quantum Arithmetics in TGD Framework

Quantum Biological Teleportation; Quasi-Time Crystal Created by a Fibonacci Process; Homology of World of Classical Worlds; Why Don't Airplanes Fall Down? McKay Correspondence from Quantum Arithmetics; Some Anomalies of Astrophysics; Fusion of Mathematical & Physical Ideas in TGD; & Model for Freezing in Nano Scales.

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Vol 14, No 1 (2023): Spin Glasses, Twistor Amplitudes, Homology & Galactic Anomalies in TGD Framework

Spin Glasses, Complexity & TGD; On TGD Counterparts of Twistor Amplitudes; Homology of World of Classical Worlds; Mysteries Associated with Lightnings; Solution of Two Galactic Anomalies; Spin Glass Phase & p-adic Thermodynamics; & Initial Stellar Mass Distribution of Galaxy.

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Vol 13, No 4 (2022): Unifying Approach on Quantum Gravity, Multifractal Black Hole Thermodynamics, & Mirror Universe Hypothesis

Unifying Approach on Quantum Gravity & Quantum Vacuum for Physics Beyond Standard Model; Geodesic Deviations and the MOND Paradigm; Multifractal Modeling of Black Hole Thermodynamics; Color Afterimages as Innate Memories in Mirror Universe; & Mirror Universe Hypothesis & Kinesiological Thinking.

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Vol 13, No 3 (2022): Spatial Flow, Scaling of Structure, Bifurcations, Evolutive Algebras, & Spacetime Nonlocality

Entropy & Viscosity of Spatial Flow; Scaling of Structure in the Universe; Bifurcations of the Standard Model; Decelerating Kasner Bianchi Type I Model; Bianchi Type-I Model in Saez-Ballester Theory; Non-Minimally Coupled f(R, T) Gravity; Bianchi Type-I Universe with Bulk Viscous Fluid; Isotropic Model In f(R, T) Gravity; Interacting Two Fluid Dark Energy Bianchi Type-I Model; Osculating Curves in 4D & Fractional Derivatives; Evolutive Algebras & Higgs Bifurcations; Multifractal Geometry & Spacetime Nonlocality.

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Vol 13, No 2 (2022): Progress in TGD: Geometry, Number Theory, Condensed Matter & Quantum Hydrodynamics

Physics as Geometry & Number Theory; M8-H Duality & Zero Energy Ontology; Neutrinos & TGD; TGD & Condensed Matter: Basic Notions; TGD & Condensed Matter: Applications & Tests; TGD & Quantum Hydrodynamics: General Ideas; & TGD & Quantum Hydrodynamics: Some Applications.

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Vol 13, No 1 (2022): Quantum Spacetime, N-Dimensional Topology, Photonic Phenomena, & Physics of Virus

Klein Quadric Representation for a Quantum Spacetime; Geometrical Constraints for Quantum Mechanics; Fractional Dynamics of Optical & Photonic Phenomena; Dynamics of Particles in a Gravitational Field; Bianchi Type–V Bulk Viscous Fluid Model; LRS-Bianchi Type-I String Model with Deceleration; Late Time Acceleration of the Expanding Universe; LRS Bianchi Type-I Model with Late Time Acceleration; Power Narayana Sequences; & The Special Case of Novel Coronavirus.

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Vol 12, No 5 (2021): DNA Cyclic Codes, Multifractal Geometry, Cosmological Models & Vacuum Energy

DNA Codes as Images of Complement Cyclic Codes; Effective Field Theory & Multifractal Geometry; Cosmological Scales from Hamiltonian Chaos; Magnetic Radiation in Self-Creation Theory of Gravitation; Cosmological Model with Constant Deceleration Parameter; Presence of a Massless Scalar Field in Lyra Manifold; Viscous Model with Stiff Fluid in C-field Theory; Special Surfaces of Mannheim Curve Pairs; Stochastic Cosmology and the Hubble Constant; & Prototyping of Directed Energy Beam.

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Vol 12, No 4 (2021): Several Physics Topics in TGD Framework

The Role of Galois Groups in TGD Framework; Berry Phase Model & the TGD Based Model; Explanation of Long Cosmic Spinning Filaments; Notion of Polynomial of Infinite Order; Questions about Coupling Constant Evolution; 2-D Minimal Surfaces Teach & TGD; Engine Powering Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei; & Expanding Earth Model & Classical Gauge Fields.

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Vol 12, No 3 (2021): Experimental Supersymmetry, Two-sidedness, Cosmological Model, & Intrinsic Time

Experimental Supersymmetry: Processing the Dimensional Barrier; Two-sidedness, Relativity and CPT Symmetry; Self-Creation Theory of Gravitation; Magnetism in f(R, T) Gravity; Cosmic Acceleration in Teleparallel Gravity; Intrinsic Time of Alain Connes; Hyperdimensional Pilot Waves; & Widening Elliptical Path of Earth Orbiting Sun?

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Vol 12, No 2 (2021): Various Physics Topics in TGD Viewpoint

Connes' Idea about Inherent Time Evolution; Two Unexpected Findings in Hadron Physics; Leptons as Local 3-Quark Composites? On the Notion of Causal Indefiniteness; Pomeron and Odderon; Negentropy Maximization Principle; Anomalies of Rotating Magnetic Systems; M8 -H Duality Consistent with Fourier Analysis; Generalizations of Nottale's Hypothesis; & Updated Expanding Earth Mode.

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Vol 12, No 1 (2021): Microgravimetry, Bifurcation Model, Dark Energy Model, & Constacyclic Codes

Interferometric Effects for Microgravimetry; Cabibbo Angle from the Nonlinear Dynamics; Mass Hierarchy and Mixing Matrices; Bifurcation Model of the Quantum Field; Higgs Mass from Topological Condensation; Evaluation of Vacuum Energy Density; Bianchi type VI0 Dark Energy Model; Quadratic Equation of State in f (R, T) Theory; Bianchi Type I Cosmological Model; Constacyclic Codes, & Transversal Intersection of Surface.

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Vol 11, No 8 (2020): Summary & New Applications of Topological Geometrodynamics

Summary of Topological Geometrodynamics; Critical Re-examination of M8 –H Duality; Ballistic Resonance & ZEO; Fast Radio Wave Bursts; Maintenance of the Earth's Magnetic Field; 26 Second Pulsation of Earth; MIP*= RE; Valence Bond Theory & Planck Constants; & Three Pillars of New Quantum Theory.

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Vol 11, No 7 (2020): Universal Bifurcations, Measurement Problem, Cosmological Model, & Special Tubular Surface

CMB Anomalies & Self-Organized Criticality; Fermion Chirality & Universal Bifurcations; Quantum Measurement Problem; Modified Holographic Ricci Dark Energy; f(T) Gravity by Hybrid Expansion Law; Bianchi Type-VI0 Cosmological Model; Special Tubular Surfaces in Galilean Space; & Complex Dynamics & Relativistic Spacetime.

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Vol 11, No 6 (2020): Undecidability of States, Quantum Potential, Self-Similarity, & Self-Creation

Undecidability of States and Epistemic Horizons; Quantum Potential, Bell Length & Avian Compass; Fractal Foundation of Quantum Spin; Quantum Mechanics from Iterated Maps; Foundation of Effective Field Theory; Universal Constants from Self-similarity; Adiabatic Invariance & Newton’s Constant; Holographic Ricci Dark Energy in Self-Creation; & Dark Matter & Tessellated 3-Sphere.

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Vol 11, No 5 (2020): Recent Developments in Physics from the Perspective of TGD & ZEO

TGD & Value of Newton's Constant; Water Bridge Experiment & TGD; ZEO & Quantization of Fermions; TGD Based Nuclear Model; TGD-based View about Ferromagnetism; Hubble Constant Discrepancy; Rotating Magnetic Systems in ZEO; M8-H-duality, p-adic Length Scale & Dark Matter; & Fermionic Variant of M8-H Duality.

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Vol 11, No 4 (2020): Bimetric Convergence, Mandelbrot Butterfly, & Quantum Coherence

Bimetric Convergence; Mandelbrot Butterfly Identification; Complex Dynamics & Relativistic Spacetime; Emergence of Lie Groups & Gauge Symmetries; Stability of the Fermi Scale; Emergence of Planck’s Constant; Bianchi Type-III Cosmological Model; Confluence of Theories; Unit Cell of Quantum Gravity; Numerical solution for 3D motions; A Skewed Relativity; & Quantum Coherence & Telepathic Fields.

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Vol 11, No 3 (2020): Self-Organized Criticality, FTL in Prespacetime, & Detection of Graviton

Derivation of the Muon g-2 Anomaly; Solving the Flatness & Horizon Problems; Manifestation of Self-Organized Criticality; Emergence of Lagrangian Field Theory; Faster-Than-Light Anomalies in Prespacetime; Linear Codes over the Family of Finite Rings; Detecting Gravitons on Black Hole Coalesence; Painting, Baking & Non-Associative Algebra; Is Gravity Curvature of Space-time? θ-parameter in Quantum Chromodynamics; Gross-Pitaevskiian Description of Solar System; Impossibility of Big Bang Relic Neutrino Detection; & Unidirectional Beams.

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Vol 11, No 2 (2020): More Progress in Topological Geometrodynamics

Cognitive Representations for String-like Objects; Model for the Formation of Galaxies; Quantum Measurement in ZEO; Miniature Version of Spiral Galaxy; Two Anomalies Explained by Dark Fusion; Dynamics of State Function Reductions; Condensed Matter Surprises; EMC Effect; Dark Energy & Galactic Dark Matter; Monopole Flux Tube; Quantum Randomness & Classical Chaos; Exotic Pion Like States; & Solutions to Energy Problem.

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