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D, Neelima, GITAM University (India)
Dabhane, S. S., Dr. Sau. Kamaltai Gawai Institute of Engg. & Tech., Darapur (India)
Dabhane, S. S., Amravati University (India)
Dace, Ted
Dagwal, V. J. (India)
Das, Kanika, Gauhati University (India)
Das, Kanika, Gauhati University Assam, India (India)
Das, Kanika, Department of Mathematics Gauhati University Assam INDIA (India)
Das, Kanika (India)
Davuluri, N., Andhra University (India)
Davuluri, Neelima, GITAM University (India)
de Azevedo, C. A. (Brazil)
Delgado-PĂ©rez, J. (Mexico)
Deo, S. D. (India)
Deshmukh, A. G., Amuni (India)
Deshmukh, A. G., 2Ex. Reader & Head, Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. Vidarbha Institute of Science & Humanities, Amravati. Joint Director, Higher Education, Nagpur division, Nagpur - 440022 (India). (India)
Deshmukh, A. G.
Deshmukh, A. G. (India)
Deshmukh, A. G., Higher Education Department Nagpur Division, Nagpur (India)
Deshmukh, A. G. (India)
Deshmukh, Ajit G., AMUNI (India)
Desikan, Kalyani, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai (India)
Dewri, M. (India)
Dickau, Jonathan J., Independent Researcher (United States)

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