Vol 7, No 16 (2016)

BMS Supertranslation, Information, Multifractal Geometry & Fabric of Space

Cover Page
BMS Supertranslations as Coset States; R4 of Class One; Potential for the Lanczos Spinor; Bianchi Type-V Viscous Fluid Cosmology; Dynamical Instability of Kantowski-Sachs Spacetime; Bianchi Type-V Cosmological Model with Two Fluids; Perfect Fluid Cosmological Model; Domain Wall Cosmological Model; Perfect Fluid Bianchi Type-I Universe; Hyper-surface Cosmological Model; Spacetime with a Constant Spinor Field; Generalization of the Bonnet Theorem; Exponential Operators; Inextensible Flows for Curves of Finsler Manifold; Information & Nature; Multifractal Geometry & Standard Model Symmetries; & Avyakta: The Fabric of Space.

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