Vol 7, No 13 (2016)

Entanglement, Gravity, Dark Energy & Cosmological Models

Cover Page
Entanglement & Gravity; Derivation of the Fine Structure Constant; Bianchi Type V Scalar Field Cosmology; Lanczos Spinor for Empty Spacetime; 5-D Spherically Symmetrical Model; LRS Bianchi Type-II Universe; 5-D FRW Modified Holographic Model; Homogeneous Bianchi Type VI0 Model; Bianchi Type III Universe with Scalar Field; Linear Differential Equation; Ignorable Variables; Acceleration Zones in MOND Theory; Saha’s Generating Function; Geometry of Dark Energy; Origins of the Dirac Equation; Quantized Deflection of Starlight; Twistor Space & Aether.

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