Vol 7, No 11 (2016)

Langlands Program, Mathematical Objects, Mesostratum Physics & Cosmological Models

Cover Page
Langlands Program & TGD; Mathematical Objects & Mesostratum Physics; Local Pressure of the Gravity Field; Bianchi Type-II Dust Cosmological Model; 5-D Anisotropic Bianchi Type-I; Higher Dimensional Plane Symmetric Space-Time; Superluminal Expansion & Rotation in Quantum Cosmology; Plane Symmetric Universe Filled with Perfect Fluid; Double Integrals & Riemann Zeta; Matrix Elements & Morse Interaction; Hypergeometric Form of k-Fibonacci; Alfvén Waves in Monopole Plasma; On CKM Mixing; Towards Grand Unification; Gravitational Waves & Reality; Astrophysical & Cosmological Findings; M89 Hadron Physics & Quantum Criticality; & Lightning, Dark Matter & Lepto-pion Hypothesis.

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