Vol 7, No 9 (2016)

Newman-Penrose Formalism, Cosmological Models, TGD-based Theories & Trends in the Mandelbrot Set

Cover Page
Applications of the Newman-Penrose Formalism; Kinnersley’s Metrics; Bianchi type-VI0 Holographic Dark Energy Cosmological Model; Kaluza-Klein Minimally Interacting Holographic Dark Energy Model; Degenerate Hermite-Bernoulli Numbers; Formula to Determine the Physical Degree of Freedom Count; Badly Behaving Photons; Is There Trouble in Paradise? Charting Trends in the Mandelbrot Set; Support for TGD-based Model of Cold Fusion; p-Adicizable Discrete Variants of Classical Lie Groups; X Boson as Evidence for Nuclear String Model; Understand the Total Energy of Electron in K Shell; & On Direct Detection of Cosmic Neutrino Background.

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