Vol 10, No 7 (2019)

Non-Abelian Field of Electron, Quark Memory, & Twistors in TGD

Cover Page
Non-Abelian Field Current of Self-interacting Electron; Do Quarks Have Memory? Twistors in TGD; Why Ramified Primes Are Special Physically; Bianchi Type –VIo String Model in Massive Scalar Field; Modified Takabayasi String with Bulk Viscous Fluid; Cyclic Surfaces of Constant Gauss Curvature; Change of Willmore Energy of a Curve; Exo/Endo Observer Spacetime Dimensions from Kolmogorov Entropy; Newtonian Dynamics with Variable Mass; SUSY in TGD Universe; Quantum Self-organization; Solar Metallicity Problem; & Conflict of Quantum Theory & Classical Gravity.

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