Vol 8, No 12 (2017)

Progress in Math. Physics: Inextensible Flows, Identities & Lanczos Tensor/Spinor/Scalar

Cover Page
Inextensible Flows of Curves with Ribbon Frame; Identities of Gould & Spivey; Superpotential for the Liénard-Wiechert’s E.M. Field; Superpotentials for the Lanczos Tensor/Spinor; Series Transformation Formula of Boyadzhiev; Lima’s Identity for ζ(2n); Paule-Schneider’s Identities for Harmonic Numbers; Lanczos Generator for Type-D Vacuum Spacetimes; Churchill-Plebañski & Petrov Classifications for Spacetimes; Complex Lanczos Scalar; Identity Involving Bell & Stirling Numbers; & Identities of Chang-Xu & Spivey.

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