Vol 8, No 9 (2017)

Higgs Field, Spacetime Flow & Nucleosynthesis in the Nascent Cosmos

Cover Page
Ehrenfest-Tolman Effect & Spacetime Flow; Higgs Field & Unruh Effect; Bianchi Type-VI0 Universe with the Hybrid Expansion Law; Bianchi Type-VI0 Universe with Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy; Kaluza-Klien Generalized Ghost Dark Energy Model; Cosmological Model with Varying G & Λ; Accelerating Universe Model with Varying Λ; A-Net Minimal Surfaces in 3D Heisenberg Group; Harmonic, Stirling & Bernoulli Numbers; Amdeberhan’s Combinatorial Identity; Almkvist & Prodinger Formulae; Diffusion Interpretation of Wave Mechanics; Newtonian Cosmology Model with Vortex; Cubic Lattice Nucleosynthesis in the Nascent Cosmos; & Derivations of Maxwell-Dirac Isomorphism.

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