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Cosmological Models in a Modified Theory of Gravity

V. U. M. Rao, D. Neelima, K. V. S. Sireesha


A new class of spatially homogeneous LRS Bianchi type - I cosmological models filled with perfect fluid in the framework of  f (R,T) gravity proposed by Harko et al. (2011) has been obtained with an appropriate choice of a function f (T). In this paper we have considered different cases and presented anisotropic and isotropic cosmological models. The obtained and presented Zeldovich fluid cosmological models are quite different from the model obtained by Adhav (2012). Some important features of the models, thus obtained, have been discussed and it is established that the additional condition, special law of variation of Hubble parameter proposed by Bermann (1983), taken by Adhav (2012) in this theory is superfluous.

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