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How Simple Can Gravity Be?

Jonathan J. Dickau


Gravity is phenomenologically simple but hard to explain within the framework explaining the other forces. If gravity is not fundamental; avenues for unifying Physics exist, but new approaches are needed. The Mandelbrot Set offers insights. Maximally asymmetric and complex; the 2-d setting is a cross-section of quaternion and octonion figures notable to Physics. Features of DGP gravity emerge, because M mimics Cartan’s rolling-ball analogy of G2 symmetry at (-0.75, 0i). A 5-d maximum ending octonionic inflation gives rise to a 4-d spacetime bubble. M also models BEC formation and Schwarzschild event horizons, first linked by Sakharov and recently studied by Dvali and colleagues – near (-1.543689, 0i), a Misiurewicz point. This suggests M offers a simple way to unify gravity with the rest of Physics.

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