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Dynamics of Bianchi Type-VI0 Universe with Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy in Lyra Geometry

Shri Ram, S. Chandel, M. K. Verma


We obtain a spatially homogeneous Bianchi type-VI0 cosmological model in the presence of magnetized anisotropic dark energy within the framework of Lyra geometry. The energy-momentum tensor consists of an anisotropic fluid with anisotropic equation of state  and a uniform magnetic field of energy density ρb. Exact solutions of the field equations are obtained by utilizing the hybrid expansion law for the average factor of the model. The physical and kinematical behaviors of the cosmological model are discussed. We conclude that the universe model as well as anisotropic fluid approach isotropy through the evolution of the universe in consistent with the recent observations of the present-day universe.

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