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Bianchi Type-V Viscous Fluid Cosmology with Linear Equation of State & Hybrid Scale Factor

Mohini N. Gaikwad, Sharad P. Kandalkar, Pramod P. Khade, Amrapali P. Wasnik


The paper deals with the study of Bianchi Type V cosmological model filled with viscous fluid governed by the linear equation of state p = (γ -1)ρ, 0 γ 2has been studied in the framework of general theory of relativity. The exact solutions of the Einstein’s field equations are obtained under the assumption of Hybrid Expansion Law (HEL) for the average scale factor that yields power law and exponential law cosmologies in its special cases. Different solutions are discussed with constant and time varying cosmological constant together with variable and constant bulk viscosity. The physical and kinematical properties are also discussed.

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