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Bianchi Type-VI0 Cosmological Model with Barotropic Perfect Fluid in Creation Field Theory with Time Dependent Λ

Atul Tyagi, Swati Parikh


Bianchi type-VI0 cosmological model for barotropic fluid distribution in creation field cosmology with varying cosmological term L is investigated. To get deterministic solution we assume that Λ = 1/R2 as considered by Chen and Wu, where R is a scale factor and A = B, where A and B are metric potentials. We find that creation field (C) increase with time and Λ ~ 1/t2 which matches with the result of HN theory. We have also discussed special cases of model (32) like dust filled universe (γ = 0), stiff fluid universe (γ = 1) and radiation dominated Universe γ = 1/3.

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