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Bianchi Type-VIo Cosmological Model with Variable Deceleration Parameter

R. K. Tiwari, A. K. Agrawal, B. K. Shukla


Bianch Type-VI0 cosmological model have been investigated with variable deceleration parameter(q) (R.K. Tiwari et at., African Review of Physics10,395-402,2015), i.e, q = α + βH, which yields scale factor a = exp((1/β)√(2βt + k)). The model has non-singular origin and expands exponentially with cosmic time t till late times. We observe that the model is early decelerating phase and late time accelerating phase. The equation of state parameter (ω) found to be time dependent and its range for derived model is in agreement with the recent observations. The jerk parameter (j) is found to be good agreement with the recent observations. We also discussed statefinder parameters {r, s} which predicts that the universe in the model originates from Einstein static era {r → ∞, s → - }  to ΛCDM model {r → 1, s → 0}.The physical and geometrical properties of cosmological model is also discussed.

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