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On the Possible Role of Continuous Light Speed Expansion in Black Hole & Gravastar Cosmology

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana


In the article, the authors propose a unified model of quantum cosmology that connects currently observed Hubble parameter and cosmic microwave back ground temperature. In this model, (1) the relation, (2GMt /c2) ≅ Rt ≅ (c/Ht) is used to unify the subjects of black holes and cosmology into evolving black hole cosmology in order to eliminate cosmic horizon problem; (2) continuous light speed expansion of the cosmic black hole horizon is implemented in special theory of relativity in order to eliminate cosmic inflation and cosmic acceleration at fundamental level; and (3) the relation, [(3H2tc2/8πG)/aT4t ≅ [1 + ln(Hpl/Ht]2, is implemented in quantum gravity al low energy scale. In addition, the authors show that the currently believed dark matter  energy density and visible matter energy density may be related through [1 + ln(Hpl/Ht]. With further studies and advanced cosmological observations, ‘light speed’ or ‘accelerating’ or ‘decelerating’ ‘Gravastar cosmology’ models can be developed as advanced versions of black hole cosmology.

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