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Two-Fluid Scenario for Higher Dimensional Dark Energy Cosmological Model in Saez-Ballester Theory of Gravitation

V. U. M. Rao, M. Vijaya Santhi, T. Vinutha, Y. Aditya


In this paper, we investigate the evolution of dark energy parameter within the scope of a spatially homogeneous five dimensional Kaluza-Klien universe filled with barotropic fluid and dark energy in the framework of scalar-tensor theory of gravitation formulated by Saez and Ballester [1]. To get the deterministic model of universe, we assume that the shear scalar (σ) in the model is proportional to expansion scalar (θ). This condition leads
to A = Bk, where A&B are metric potentials and k is an arbitrary constant. It has been found that the anisotropic distribution of dark energy leads to the present accelerated expansion of universe. We consider both the cases when the dark energy is minimally coupled to barotropic fluid as well as direct interaction with it. In both the cases the equation of state(EoS) parameter ωde changing from ωde > −1 to ωde < −1, which is consistent with recent observations. The physical aspects of the obtained models are also

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