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Fermi’s Weak Coupling Constant & Newtonian Gravitational Constant in Light of Potential Final Unification

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, P. Kalyanai, B. Ramanuja Srinivas, T. Rajavardhanarao, Ch. Lingaraju, S. Lakshminarayana


In early publications on potential final unification, the authors suggested that: 1) There exists a strong interaction elementary charge of magnitude, es~4.72058686E-19 C and squared ratio of electromagnetic and strong interaction charges is equal to the strong coupling constant; 2) Like quarks, the strong interaction elementary charge is experimentally undetectable and can be called as ‘invisible elementary nuclear charge’; 3) There exists a gravitational constant associated with strong interaction, Gs~3.32956087E28 m3/kg/sec2; and 4) There exists a gravitational constant associated with electromagnetic interaction, Ge~2.374335472E37 m3/kg/sec2. Based on these concepts, the authors in this paper make an attempt to fit the magnitudes of Fermi’s weak coupling constant, Fine structure constant and Newtonian gravitational constant in a unified approach.

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