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LRS Bianchi Type-II Cosmological Model with a linearly varying Deceleration parameter in f (R, T) gravity

D. R. K. Reddy, G. Ramesh, S. Umadevi


LRS Bianchi Type-II space-time is considered in f(R,T) gravity formulated by Harko et al (Phys. Rev. D84 0240282011) in the presence of perfect fluid distribution. To find a determinate solution of the field equations, we have used a linearly varying deceleration parameter proposed by Akarsu and Dereli [Int. J. Theor.Phys. 51; 612 (2012)]. The solution obtained represents a perfect fluid cosmological model with linearly varying deceleration parameter in this theory. Some physical and kinematical properties of the model are also discussed.

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