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Simplified & Unified Picture of Nuclear Binding Energy

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana


In analogy with gravity and Schwarzschild interaction, the authors have suggested in their recent publications that: 1) There exists a strong elementary charge of magnitude, es= 4.720586603 x10-19 C; 2) Squared ratio of electromagnetic and strong interaction charges is equal to the strong coupling constant; 3) There exists a gravitational constant associated with strong interaction,  Gs=3.329561213x1028 m3 kg-1sec-2; and 4) There exists a gravitational constant associated with electromagnetic interaction, Ge=2.374335685 x1037m3 kg-1sec-2. As the magnitude of operating force is far less than the magnitude of c4/G, protons and electrons cannot be considered as black holes. Based on these new concepts, in this paper an attempt is made to understand the mysterious nuclear binding energy in a unified and very simplified picture.

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