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Perspectives towards the Interpretation of Physical Space as a Medium of Immediate Quantum Information Transfer

Davide Fiscaletti, Amrit S. Sorli


The space-time manifold characteristic of special relativity cannot be considered the basic arena of physical processes. Quantum non-locality introduces the possibility that the space-time manifold emerges from a more fundamental level of physical space. Here a new interpretation of quantum non-locality is suggested, which is based on a symmetrized quantum potential approach. On the basis of this interpretation, at a fundamental level, space functions as an immediate information medium between subatomic particles and it is possible to interpret in a correct and appropriate way both the forward time and the time reverse of the same quantum process; as a consequence of this interpretation, time exists only as a coordinate measuring the numerical order of material motions. A parallelism with the background of general relativity and quantum gravity is made. Finally, a symmetrized extension of Wheeler-DeWitt equation is suggested.

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