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Black Hole Cosmology with Propelling Lambda Term & Hindu Cosmic Age

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana


In this article, we consider Hindu’s Vedic model of cosmic age, observed visible matter density, dark matter density, Lambda term and cosmic speed of expansion. We stress the fact that, during cosmic evolution, along with the characteristic vacuum force limit (c4/G), decreasing Lambda term helps in extending the cosmic black hole’s Schwarzschild radius in all directions with decreasing speed. We suggest that: (1) Universe can be considered as an evolving primordial black hole;(2) Instead of ‘repulsive force’, conceptually Lambda term can be interlinked with ‘propulsive force’ and can be guessed to be directly proportional to cosmic ‘thermal energy density’ or cosmic ‘gravitational self-energy density’;(3) Cosmic black hole’s speed of expansion can be shown to be directly proportional to square root of the Lambda term and inversely proportional to the Hubble parameter;(4) Cosmic acceleration and dark energy concepts can be relinquished at fundamental level;(5) Cosmic flatness can be well understood;(6) Comic ‘horizon problem’ can be eliminated at fundamental level; and (7) Vedic model of cosmic age can be successfully implemented in modern (black hole) cosmology.

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