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On the Plausibility of Final Unification with Avogadro Number

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana


Physicists have long suggested that the four observed fundamental forces of nature are separate manifestations of what was once a single force at times close to the Big Bang. If so, magnitude of the unified force can be assumed to be equal to c4/G.  Strength of any interaction can be defined as the ratio of the operating force magnitude and the magnitude of c4/G. Let the gravitational interaction taking place at black holes be called as ‘Schwarzschild interaction’. If strength of Schwarzschild interaction is unity, then weak interaction strength seems to be N2Atimes less than  the Schwarzschild interaction and strong interaction strength seems to be NAÖ(8/3) times less than  the Schwarzschild interaction. Based on these concepts and considering the Avogadro number as an absolute and discrete number, basics of final unification can be understood. Based on the proposed semi empirical relations it can be suggested that, the magnitude of the gravitational constant may lie in between (6.65x10-11 & 6.71x10-11) m3kg-1sec-2.

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