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New Concepts & Semi-Empirical Fittings in Understanding SUSY & the Four Cosmological Interactions

U. V. S. Seshavatharam, L. Lakshminarayana


Even though SUSY is having excellent theoretical support and in-depth mathematical back ground, no single SUSY boson could be detected in the Large Hadron Collider so far based on SUSY concepts. This puzzling issue casts doubt on the continued existence of SUSY. It forces some of the particle physicists to relinquish or review the basic concepts of SUSY. In our earlier published papers we proposed and established ‘integral charge quark super symmetry’ and ‘integral charge Higgs super symmetry’. In this paper, the authors make an attempt to fit the SUSY fermion-boson mass ratio, SUSY Higgs rest masses, charged lepton rest masses, electron and proton rest masses and nuclear binding energy coefficients in a cosmological approach. The concepts proposed herein and the results obtained thereof seem to indicate that the Higgs boson of rest energy 125 GeV may be a compound particle.

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