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LRS Bianchi Type-III Massive String Cosmological Models in Scalar Theory of Gravitation

R. Venkateswarlu, J. Satish, K. P. Kumar


The present study deals with locally rotationally symmetric (LRS) Bianchi type III cosmological models representing massive string. The energy-momentum tensor for such string as formulated by Letelier [10] is used to construct massive string cosmological models.  Exact solutions of the field equations are obtained with the help of: (i) proportionality relationship between rest energy density and tension density of strings; and (ii) a relationship between the metric coefficients. We have derived some models depending on different values of m. It is observed that in early stage of the evolution of the universe, the universe is dominated by strings. Our models are in accelerating phase which is consistent to the recent observations of Type Ia supernovae .The properties of the models are discussed at the end.

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