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Plane Wave Solutions of Field Equations of Israel and Trollope’s Unified Field Theory in V5

Gowardhan P. Urkude, Jyotsna K. Jumale, Keshao D. Thengane


Israel and Trollope (1961) have developed field equations in the form of two sets in their non-symmetric unified field theory. Shrivastava (1974) and Pradhan (1977) have obtained wave solutions of the field equations of Israel and Trollope in four-dimension using generalized Takeno’s space-time and generalized Peres space-time respectively. In the paper [3], recently we have investigated (z-t)-type plane wave solutions of Israel and Trollope’s field equations in five-dimensional space-time. In the present paper, we have obtained the five dimensional plane wave solutions of field equations of Israel and Trollope’s unified field theory in the space-time of Ambatkar (2002) for the function Z=t/z. It is found that, the second set of the field equations of this unified field theory does not have any plane wave solution.

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