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Plane Wave Solutions of Weakened Field Equations in Generalized Space-time

Suresh W. Bhaware, D. D. Pawar, A. G. A. G. Deshmukh


Various attempts have been made to obtain the plane wave solutions of Weakened Field Equations (abbreviated as WFE) suggested by Kilmister and Newman[1] (1961),  and Rund[3] (1967).In this paper we propose to obtain the plane wave solutions of the WFE in the sense of Takeno[4] (1961). For this purpose we have chosen a generalized metric used by  K. B. Lal and Shafiullah[5] and obtained the conditions under which these WFE are satisfied. The method used is on the lines of D.Lovelock[7] and the results are stated in the forms of theorems. The physical significance of the gravitational waves is also discussed.

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