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Support for the TGD View of Dark Matter from Condensed Matter Physics

Matti Pitkänen


Three condensed matter findings, difficult to understand in the standard framework and providing support for the TGD view of dark matter, are discussed. The first discovery is that the antiprotons in hybrid matter-antimatter atoms do not seem to interact with the surrounding matter. A possible TGD based explanation is that the antiproton is dark and resides at a magnetic flux tube. The second finding might be called invisible magnetic fields. In TGD their identification could be as magnetic fields associated with monopole flux tubes, which are not possible in Maxwellian electrodynamics. The third finding is that vanadium-oxide VO2 is able to have memories about electric currents and can be said to learn. Dark valence electrons, proposed to explain strange disappearance of valence electrons in transition metals induced by heating, could explain the finding and also why the conductivity of VO2 is 10 times higher than expected on the basis of the Wiedemann Franz law.

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