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Dark Energy Cosmological Model in f(Q) Theory of Gravity

M. R. Ugale, Shital B. Deshmukh


In this paper we considered the study of Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson- Walker (FLRW) model in the framework of symmetric teleparallel gravity named as f(Q) gravity. In this theory, the Ricci tensor in the Einstein -Hilbert action is replaced by a functional f(Q) where Q is the non-metricity. In this paper we adopt a different approach, for the evolution of dark energy the gravitational region is the important factor in place of matter source. For this we assume a functional f(Q) form like f(Q) = αQn+1+ βQ , where α, β and n are free model parameters. Then we calculate the values of these model parameters which would agree with the observations. Also, we studied the action of cosmological parameters such as density, equation of state parameter and deceleration parameter depending upon the values of n in f(Q) function.

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