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Role of Inhomogeneous Equation of State with Bulk Viscous Fluid in Bianchi Type II Universe

Shilpa Samdurkar, Seema Bawnerkar, Yogesh Rathod


In the present investigation, we find the solution of the Einstein field equations with dark energy in the form of inhomogeneous equation of state with bulk viscous fluid in Bianchi type II space- time. To solve the survival field equations, here we consider expansion scalar is proportional to the shear scalar. For the detail study of the model, we have discussed the three different cases depending upon the nature of cosmological term (Λ), the bulk viscous fluid (ξ)  and the equation of state parameter (ω). Also we analyzed the physical and geometrical characteristics of the cosmological model for each case. It is observed that our resultant models are in accelerating phase which favours the current observations of SNIa and CMBR.

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