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Non-Minimally Coupled f(R, T) Gravity in FRW Universe

Bhupendra Kumar Shukla, Shashi Narayan Shukla, Anjna Singh


In the present paper, going past Einstein's hypothesis of gravity drives us to some more finish and changed gravity speculations. One of them is the f(R,T) gravity in which R is the Ricci scalar, and T is the trace of the energy-momentum tensor. To solve modified field equations using by special form of Hubble parameter in cosmic time t. Utilizing a very much inspired linear f(R,T) gravity model with a solitary parameter, we considered the strong energy condition (SEC), the weak energy condition (WEC), the null energy condition (NEC), and the dominant  energy condition (DEC) under the least complex non-minimal matter geometry coupling with perfect fluid dispersion. The model parameter is obliged by energy conditions and a solitary parameter proposed equation of state (EoS), bringing about the similarity of the f(R,T) models with the accelerating expansion of the universe. It is seen that the EoS parameter show the quintessence phase in a dominated accelerated phase, pinpoint to the cosmological consistent yields as a forecast the phantom era.

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