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Isotropic Cosmological Model In f(R, T) Gravity with Non-minimal Matter-geometry Coupling

T. Vinutha, G. Satyanarayana, K. Sri Kavya


The homogeneous and isotropic Friedmann–Robertson–Walker type Kaluza–Klein cosmological models with bulk viscous  fluid for non-minimal matter geometry have been investigated in f (R, T) gravity  by considering functional form f (R, T) = R + αRT,  here α is a constant, R is the Ricci scalar and T is the trace of the energy momentum tensor.  With the help of the hyperbolic scale factor, the  exact solutions of  field equations of three models are obtained. We have evaluated some essential physical and geometrical properties of the models, and their behavior is thoroughly studied with the help of their plots with respect to the redshift (z). In closed and flat models, effective bulk viscous pressure (peff) is negative, and effective energy density (ρeff) is positive. We have discussed energy conditions for closed and flat models, by using the f (R, T) = R + αRT functional form. At present and future epochs, it is observed that SEC is violated, which supports  the universe's accelerating expansion. Also, the FRW type Kaluza–Klein  models presented here are suitable for the current  cosmological observational data.

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