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Two-sidedness, Relativity and CPT Symmetry

Stephen P. Smith


The property of two-sidedness that also makes a unified whole is developed, and showed consistent with unified field theory, general relativity, thermodynamics and cosmological theories that describe a mirror universe. Two-sidedness is described as a principle of relativity that defines the visible universe by recognizing constraints that are carried by reflection. Two-sidedness is consistent with the process philosophy of A.N. Whitehead and the phenomenology of E.G.A. Husserl. Moreover, the property of two-sidedness is an observed fact of nature, coming with abundant evidential support. Speculation about a hypothetical aether that joins the sides of the two-sided is more theoretical, and open to debate. Otherwise, this paper makes a strong case for the reality of two-sidedness, if not Whiteheadian panpsychism.

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