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Experimental Supersymmetry: Processing the Dimensional Barrier (Part I)

Richard L. Amoroso


A radical, albeit pragmatic protocol for experimental access to putative String/M-theoretic, Einstein Unified Field Mechanical (UFM) additional dimensionality (XD) of the brane-bouquet bulk is presented. If successful, results demonstrate the existence dimensionality beyond the metric of observed physical reality provided by the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics and Cosmology. Quantum Mechanics (QM), as well-known is incomplete and further, should not be considered the basement of reality; meaning, Locality and Unitarity – the fundaments of quantum theory are an insufficient basis for extending the representation of reality. A seminal model of Tight Bound States (TBS) below the lowest Bohr orbit in hydrogen, proposed by Vigier, is extended to a Kaluza-Klein-like (KK) cyclical tier of XD hyperspherical cavities defined within a finite radius manifold of uncertainty (MOU) up to a semi-quantum limit, predicting, in its domain, additional spectral lines in Hydrogen. The proposed protocol for this process, with phase modifications, provides efficacy of large-scale additional dimensions (LSXD) of the brane bulk; XD-LSXD incursion duality accesses nonlocal Einsteinian UFM phenomena, leading to myriad new classes of technological innovation beyond the SM.

Part I of this two-part Article includes: 1. Introductory Precis / Motivation; 2. Tight Bound State (TBS) Modeling – Indicia of XD QED Hyperspherical Cavities; 3. Challenge of Dimensionality – Only Resolved Experimentally; 4. What is Matter? -  A 3D to 12D Evolutionary Step; and 5. Synchronization Backbone – Inherent XD-LSXD Periodicity.

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