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Physical Foundation of the Theory of Fields: The Theory of Informatons

Antoine Acke


In the classical theory of fields the gravitational and the electromagnetic interactions are understood as the effects of “fields” on matter. Although those fields are considered to belong to the physical world, the theory remains vague about their nature: they are threatened as purely mathematical structures. In this article we propose a theory that introduces “information” as the substance of both gravitational and electromagnetic fields. The phenomena and the laws of gravito-electromagnetism and of electromagnetism can perfectly be deduced from the dynamics of the elementary entities that constitute that substance. We call these entities “informatons” and it is been shown that photons and gravitons can be identified as informatons transporting an energy quantum. The theory of informatons suggests a perfect isomorphism between G.E.M. and E.M. We will show that this - also with regard to the force laws - is compatible with special relativity.

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