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Bianchi Type-III Cosmological Model with Negative Constant Deceleration Parameter with Wet Dark Fluid in Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation

Kishor S. Adhav, A. S. Nimkar, M. R. Ugale, R. S. Thakare


Bianchi type-III space time is considered in the presence of wet dark fluid source in the scalar-tensor theory of gravitation proposed by Brans and Dicke (Phys. Rev. 124:925, 1961). With the help of special law of variation for Hubble’s parameter proposed by Bermann (Nuovo Cimento 74B:182, 1983) a cosmological model with negative constant deceleration parameter is obtained in the presence of wet dark fluid with disordered radiation. Some physical and kinematical properties of the model are also discussed.

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