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CBM Cold Spot & Inflationary Cosmology

Matti Pitkänen


The existence of large cold spot in CMB is a serious problem for the inflationary cosmology. The explanation as apparent cold spot due to Sachs-Wolfe effect caused by gravitational redshift of arriving CMB photons in so called super voids along the line of sight has been subjected to severe criticism. TGD based explanation as a region with genuinely lower temperature and average density relies on the view about primordial cosmology as cosmic string dominated period during which it is not possible to speak about space-time in the sense of general relativity, and on the analog of inflationary period mediating a transition to radiation dominated cosmology in which space-time in the sense of general relativity exists. The fluctuations for the time when this transition period ended would induce genuine fluctuations in CMB temperature and density. This picture would also explain the existence super voids.

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