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On Prespacetime, Consciousness & Samapatti

Alan J. Oliver


Prespacetime is an interesting thought, especially so when one considers the implications for information in that state of reality. From my own exploration of Samapatti, it is obvious that the information in that state is independent of time, and the dispassionate observer will have access to all of the information that has ever been known, and will ever be known. The human psyche is oriented to think of possibilities in a human context which is relevant to time, be that a past, a present or a future time. Any possibility being considered can also be assumed to relate to a perspective of place as a real location. To think about prespacetime would obviously require one to think in an entirely different way. My intention for writing this essay is to ask scientists and philosophers to dare to consider the likelihood that scientists and philosophers of earlier cultures had asked these same questions. Lacking the technologies we have today, they appeared to have found a way to use consciousness to answer these questions, and even to understand consciousness itself.

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