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From Zeldovich Approximation to Burgers’ Equation: A Plausible Route to a Cellular Automata Adhesion Universe

Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache


Some years ago, Hidding et al. suggest that the emergence of an intricate and pervasive web-like structure of the Universe on Megaparsec scales can be approximated by a well-known equation from fluid mechanics, the Burgers’ equation. The solution to this equation can be obtained from a geometrical formalism. The resulting Adhesion formalism provides deep insight into the dynamics and topology of the Cosmic Web. It uncovers a direct connection between the conditions in the very early Universe and the complex spatial patterns that emerged out of these under the influence of gravity. In the present paper, we describe a cellular automaton model of the Burgers’ equation, which can be investigated via a fast computer simulation. In the end, this suggests a Cellular Automata Adhesion Model of the Universe.


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