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Bulk Viscous Fluid with Cosmic String in Modified Theory of Gravity under Hybrid Expansion Law

Alfred Y. Shaikh


In this paper, a spatially and anisotropic Hypersurface-Homogenous cosmological model in modified theory of gravitation projected by Harko et al. [8] once the supply for energy momentum tensor may be a bulk viscous fluid containing one dimensional cosmic string has been investigated. To get the precise solutions of Einstein’s field equations, a thought of Hybrid Expansion Law (HEL) is considered that exhibits a transition of the universe from decelerating section to this fast section. Additionally the barotropic equation of state for the pressure and density and bulk viscous pressure is assumed to be proportional to energy density. It is observed that the model of the universe approaches symmetry underneath appropriate condition. The physical and geometrical properties of the universe are mentioned that are found to be in line with recent observations.

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