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Hardy, Chris H., Eco-Mind Systems science (France)
Hatkar, S. P. (India)
Hatkar, Sachin (India)
Hatkar, Sachin P., Adarsh Education Societys Arts,Commerce and Science college hingoli 431513
Hernández-Aguilar, C. (India)
Hernández-Aguilar, C. (Mexico)
Hernández-Galeana, A. (Mexico)
Hernández-Galeana, A., National Polytechnic Institute (Mexico)
Hiwarkar, R. A. (India)
Hiwarkar, Rupesh A., Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering Technology, Nagpur, (India)
Hlawiczka, Czeslaw (Poland)
Hu, Changwei, Beijing Relativity Theory Research Federation (China)
Hu, Huping, QuantumDream, Inc.
Hu, Huping, Ph.D., J.D., QuantumDream, Inc. (United States)

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